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ExxonMobil Qatar Tennis 2023 VR Activation

As part of the marketing campaign for Qatar ExxonMobil Tennis Open 2023, Vertex 6D team has created a Virtual Reality activity to reflect this year's awareness message of ExxonMobil (an American multinational oil and gas corporation) about emissions reduction and carbon dioxide capturing.

The activity was installed in 4 different major landmarks in Doha, Qatar for a period of 1 month before and during the tournament. Visitors of the booth could join the challenge and play the VR game to win valuable rewards including tickets to watch the tennis games.

The objective of the game is to capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules and hold them underground in order to reduce emissions and help the environment, which is what ExxonMobil has been doing in the recent years.

The campaign target was to create an entertaining activity for the public as well as educate them about recent technologies used to help our planet.

Thousands of players from all over Qatar visited the booth and competed to play and win the rewards.

The design of the game was inspired from the Tennis tournament theme in addition to ExxonMobil awareness message for this year. The game-play was planned to be suitable for different ages where the controllers where very easy to use and user-friendly.

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