Creative solutions using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Below are some of our projects in different business fields

Furniture Viewer
Retail   |   World Tracking

Shrimpy Restaurants VR Game
Entertainment   |   Virtual Reality

Warba Bank Virtual Report
Corporate   |   World Tracking

Virtual Car Simulator
Retail   |   World Tracking

Floor Plan Visualizer
Corporate   |   Image Tracking

Cyber Attack VR Challenge
Entertainment   |   Virtual Reality


The main value of augmented reality and virtual reality is the way how components of the digital world blend into a person's perception of the real world. At Vertex 6D Studio, we use the most recent technologies to develop high-tech solutions for our clients and help them achieve the business and marketing objectives.

All on the web,
No applications needed!

With our new advanced WebAR (Augmented Reality on the Web), no more need for apps installation for every campaign. The whole Augmented Reality experience now can be launched within the web browser of any device. Our in-house developed WebAR technology is one of top world-wide leading by its accurecy, effeciency, and capabailities.

Our Technology
The cutting edge technologies we create

Augmented Reality

Our Augmented Reality solutions add a new dimension into the world by blending reality with digital content creating a rich interactive and entertaining experience.

Augmented Reality can be based on one of different tracking techniques including: Image Tracking, World Tracking, or Face Tracking.
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience which take you to a completely different world. Our Virtual Reality solutions are compatible with most VR popular headsets. Applications of virtual reality include entertainment, education or business.

Augmented Reality on the Web

WebAR is our new technology where the whole Augmented Reality experience runs on the mobile web browser without any required application installs. Just provide a simple QR Code, let your customers scan it, and your AR experience will start immedeitly within their web browser.

WebAR solutions can display all kinds of 2D and 3D graphics, animations, visual effects, sounds, and music. So simple, and so effective.

Our Solutions
How can our solutions help your growth

Upgrade your business identity and workflow to a unique level

Improve your customers' purchasing experience

Add unlimited creativity and marketing power to your packaging

Games are even more fun with our AR and VR solutions

Enhance your media channels with a new virtual dimension

Make learning and education a fun and memorable journey

Why AR & VR?
Why you should consider using these technologies in your business

More Engagement
Boosts user engagement and attention span
Improved Experience
More fun and more memorable user experience
Easily Accessable
3.8 billions have access to smart phones
More Interactivity
Any real object can become interactive

Upgrade your brand into a new dimension with our AR and VR solutions

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