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Every company and every business always aim to increase their productivity, save time, and improve their corporate image.

Our Augmented Reality business solutions can serve these three targets all together. With the new possibilities of integrating real life objects with digital content, so many opportunities and business concepts can be created.

For example, you can impress your clients with a presentation from a different level. Instead of displaying the usual slides on screen with some photos 3D models of the project/products, now you can let them watch it on top of the meeting table as if it's there, and even allow them to adjust its specifications in real time to reach their perfect result.

Or maybe you can have a business card that with a simple QR code scan, it turns into a personal portfolio that gets displayed floating on top of your card.

With our business Augmented Reality solutions, the options are unlimited and the chances to impress your clients and partners are now between your hands.

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